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Librarians are some of the most helpful people in the world. Every day, their duties lead them to keep helping patrons learn, find, and do what they need. The new Lounge is built to highlight and showcase your contributions to other librarians. You might notice that your profile has a space for points:

What are points, exactly? Points accumulate as you do things in the Lounge. 

What earns you points? Lots of things! 

  • Making and commenting on posts 
  • Having other users react to your posts 
  • Earning badges 

As you earn points, your level will increase, and the number of stars on your profile will increase. Here are the levels and the point totals to reach them: 

  1. Springy Initiate: Everyone starts here! 
  2. Springy Novice: 75 points 
  3. Solid Springy: 200 points 
  4. Springy Expert: 400 points 
  5. Springy Hero: 1250 points 

How do you see what level someone is? The quickest way is to click on someone's name:

Carrie's got two stars, so she's a Springy Novice level in this picture.

What happens at each level? Getting higher levels unlocks some extra lounge features, and the highest levels also opens access to some extra discussion categories as well. Things that come at each level: 

  1. Springy Initiate: Start discussions, comment on discussions. Everyone's got this!
  2. Springy Novice: You can create polls in your discussions now. Let other lounge users vote on your polls. 
  3. Solid Springy: Add a signature to your posts if you’d like. Edit your own posts for up to a day for convenience. 
  4. Springy Expert: Get the ability to use the “promote” reaction to a post or comment- doing this will add the comment to “best of”. Also, if you’re a Springy Expert and come by our booth at a conference, (* offer not valid in 2020/21, of course) we’ll give you some special Springy merch. 
  5. Springy Hero: We are in awe of your contributions and helpful deeds in this community. While this is still in development, when its ready for launch, you’ll get access to Springy Labs to see sneak peeks of things we’re working on, as well as the chance to offer feedback on new designs and development. We’ll also send a thank you card to you, hand-signed by one of the Springy crew to show our appreciation. 

We truly appreciate what you can all give to our user community, and we want to try to make this the best, most helpful place it can be for you all!

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