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Right Column Navigation: Quick Links, Categories, Bookmarks, and Popular Tags

Springy_Sean Member, Administrator, Moderator, Springy, SpringyCamp Counselor admin
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To get to your wanted Category or Discussion quickly, the Springshare Lounge has navigational links located in the right column. The links are divided into different sections which we will review below!

Quick Links

All Categories and Recent Discussions will take you back to the main Categories and Discussions pages that are also linked to in the top navigation bar.

Activity will take you to a current page listing recent activity in the Lounge.

My Bookmarks goes to your Bookmarks page, which will show any Question/Discussion Post that you've bookmarked (see the second image below).

My Discussions will go to a page that shows all of your recent Posts (for all Post types - Not only Discussion posts).

My Drafts goes to your Drafts page, where saved Drafts for Posts will appear.

Best Of goes to a page where you can see the most popular Discussions/Questions by the Promoted/Insightful/Agree/Like/LOL Reactions.

Unanswered will take you to a page of currently unanswered Question Posts.

How do I add Posts to my Bookmark page?

When viewing a Category or Discussion page, you can click on the Bookmark icon in the right corner to add the post to your Bookmark page.


Below the Quick links on all pages (except the Homepage), the Categories list will take you directly to the Category page. It also lists out the Sub-Categories which you can also click on to jump to their page.

Popular Tags

The Popular Tags list, which appears in the left column on the Homepage, and the below the Categories list on all other pages, allows you to sort Questions and Discussions by the Tags added to them. For example, if you wanted to look at all the Questions/Discussions tagged as "coop", you could click on the "coop" Tag.

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