2022-10-10 - LibAnswers - US: Region - For institutions that utilize SMS messaging in the US, we have sent an important email message to the LibAnswer site admins that previously signed their SMS registration, regarding changes in our SMS provider's requirements. These requirements require re-registering numbers with institutional EINs. We highly recommend reviewing the received email, and then filling out/submitting the following form, at the soonest convenience.

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Please review the Badge requirements below. If you meet the requirement for a Badge, please click on the Badge link and submit a Badge Request via the "Request this Badge" button.

Original Lounge Survivor Badge Request - Requirement: You were a member of the previous Springshare Lounge

SpringyCamp Previous Presenter - Requirement: You presented for SpringyCamp in a year before 2020

SpringyCamp 2020 Attendee - Requirement: You attended SpringyCamp 2020

SpringyCamp 2021 Attendee - Requirement: You attended SpringyCamp 2021

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