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On the Discussions or Categories page, you can create a Discussion/Question by clicking on the "New Post" dropdown arrow icon. In the dropdown list select "New Discussion", "New Poll", or "Ask a Question".

Discussions - Are you interested in discussing how to use Spaces for your Library? Want to generate some ideas on how other LibGuide users are customizing their Guides? – Then, a Discussion is the way to go! 

Poll - Start your own poll in the Lounge! This option is available to anyone with the SpringyNovice rank.

Questions - Have a question about CSS customization in LibInsight? Looking for an answer regarding LibChat embed code in LibGuides? - Then asking a Question will be your best bet!

*Additionally, Questions allow the Questioner to select an Answer from other user comments. The selected Answer will appear above all other comments in the thread. This is a useful feature for other Lounge users that may end up on the Question after making a Search.

On the Question/Poll/Discussion creation page, you'll be able to add a Question/Discussion Title, select a Category, add information to the content/text area, and add Tags. Additionally, in the content/text area you can use the editor tools to add files, media, images, and emoji icons! Polls differ only in you will have to create options for users to select.

*Note: If you are creating a New Discussion/Poll/Question from a Category Page (such as LibGuides, LibAnswers, etc.) it will be posted in that Category.

After you are done creating the content of your Question/Discussion you can click on the "Ask Question", "Save Poll", or"Post Discussion" button.

*There is a "Save Draft" option that can be used to save a Discussion/Poll/Question for editing later on. Drafts will be saved to the "Drafts" section in your Profile dropdown settings, and will also be linked to the Quicklinks on the Discussion/Categories pages.

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