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2022-09-28 LibConnect Servers Experiencing Slowdowns

Springy_Will Member, Administrator, Moderator, Springy, SpringyCamp Counselor admin

2022-10-03 16:50 ET - Server issues have been resolved. Thank you again for your patience while we resolved these issues.

2022-09-30 12:30 ET - LibConnect is online. We continue monitoring server load and are actively working on implementing long term solutions.

2022-09-29 18:10 ET: LibConnect is back online. We're monitoring server load and actively working on implementing more solutions.

2022-09-29 18:00 ET: LibConnect is temporarily offline to help speed up its recovery. We will get LibConnect back online as soon as possible.

2022-09-29 17:30 ET: Unfortunately, LibConnect performance / slowness issues are persisting today. Our tech team is fully engaged in investigation to determine a more permanent fix. We sincerely appreciate your continued patience as we work to resolve this issue. 

2022-09-28 1700 ET: A fix has been implemented. LibConnect performance should continue to improve gradually over the next 2-3 hours.

2022-09-28 1600 ET: This is an update to let you know that we continue to work on LibConnect slowness issues. Our Springy developers identified the cause and are working towards a full resolution as fast as possible. The rest of our Springy Team is sending them caffeine and sugary treats! We will continue to post updates as soon as we have them. 🙂

2022-09-28 13:00 ET: We are currently investigating issues with slowness with our LibConnect servers and are working to implement a fix. We will update this post as we know more & when the issue is resolved. All regions are experiencing slowdowns, but US is seeing it the worst. 😱

We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this. And as always, thanks for being on board!


  • daniel_crocker
    daniel_crocker Member Springy Initiate

    We are still experiencing maddening slow responsiveness. Can you confirm the fix has been applied to all accounts?

  • Springy_Sean
    Springy_Sean Member, Administrator, Moderator, Springy, SpringyCamp Counselor admin


    Apologies for the continued issues here! The fix from yesterday didn't resolve all the issues, as we are now seeing reports of more slowness. Our team is currently at work on investigating the problem to determine a more permanent fix.

    Keep following this post as we make progress on this issue!

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