2022-10-10 - LibAnswers - US: Region - For institutions that utilize SMS messaging in the US, we have sent an important email message to the LibAnswer site admins that previously signed their SMS registration, regarding changes in our SMS provider's requirements. These requirements require re-registering numbers with institutional EINs. We highly recommend reviewing the received email, and then filling out/submitting the following form, at the soonest convenience.

Alert for LibAnswers & LibChat Users in US Region

Diana Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

We have temporarily disabled display of the Chat Coverage Stats report. Not to worry, though - chat coverage is still being tracked! 🙂 Ticket indexing for LibAnswers sites in the US region is also currently disabled.

These are temporary measures to preserve app stability during this period of exceptionally heavy traffic. This means that ticket full text searches may be a little off for recent tickets due to this temporary change in indexing, and Chat Coverage Stats reports will be unavailable for the moment.

We're hard at work bringing these two areas back online but have taken these steps to ensure the LibAnswers system remains stable during this busy period for our customers coming back to work and school. We'll post an update here when the Chat Coverage Stats report and ticket indexing have been re-enabled in the US Region.

Please note that this only applies to LibAnswers sites within the US Region.

Thanks for your patience!


  • Diana
    Diana Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Update! The display of Chat Coverage Stats is back, back again. 😎

    We'll let you know when ticket indexing is back for LibAnswers sites in the US region, too!

  • Diana
    Diana Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Ticket indexing is now also back to normal for LibAnswers sites in the US region!

    [The display of Chat Coverage Stats was already back, so everything should be working normally for users in the US region (and all others)].

    As always, please contact us over in Support if you have any other issues!

    tl;dr LibAnswers back to normal, thanks for your patience, and happy Friday! 😎

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