2022-10-10 - LibAnswers - US: Region - For institutions that utilize SMS messaging in the US, we have sent an important email message to the LibAnswer site admins that previously signed their SMS registration, regarding changes in our SMS provider's requirements. These requirements require re-registering numbers with institutional EINs. We highly recommend reviewing the received email, and then filling out/submitting the following form, at the soonest convenience.

LibGuides Alert - US Region - Inconsistent Search Errors

Springy_Sean Member, Administrator, Moderator, Springy, SpringyCamp Counselor admin

4/20/2022 - We are currently seeing inconsistent reports of issues with LibGuide searches in the US Region.

We have recently been updating our LibGuides services, and due to the amount of data we are working with, it occasionally causes search errors on customer pages. We're diligently working on finding a reliable solution, though we don't have a full ETA, as it's only been impacting a small group of users.

We'll be sure to post updates here if/when we have any. Thank you for being patient as we work to resolve this issue for everyone.

4/21/2022 - We’ve adjusted our hardware infrastructure while we continue to resolve this issue for all of our customers. Again, we apologize for the trouble, inconvenience, and lack of service at our expected and normal level. We will continue to update this post when we have more information.

5/11/2022 - This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience!

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