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Email Sending Alert 2021-04-19

Springy_Greg Administrator, Springy Kwisatz Haderach

2021-04-19, 6:00 PM ET:

Our email provider has successfully removed our email IPs from the Spamhaus block list. Spamhaus mistakenly blocked some of our sending IPs. Spamhaus is a major identifier of spam, so when they mistakenly added our IPs to their spammer lists, most downstream spam filters followed that recommendation and flagged emails coming from our products as spam.

Sadly the ripple effect is that we don't have a reliable mechanism to resend all the emails that were blocked, without possibly causing other issues with email delivery. Our Springy developers are looking at ways to improve for the future, but for now we hope you accept our apologies for the blip in email service and email notifications.

Products impacted: LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, LibWizard, & LibApps

Regions: All

Below are actions you can take if you think your site was impacted.

LibAnswers: Check your Email Errors and Resend replies to patrons or internal notes. Let your staff know that they may not have received all notifications.

All other products: Please let your staff and patrons know that they might not have received the notification email they were expecting to receive.

2021-04-19, 3:17 PM ET:

We are aware that some of our email IPs are getting blocked by email servers because they're on a Spamhaus list. 

We are actively working with our email provider to have Spamhaus remove our IPs from the list, and restore our trusted status as email senders.

Products impacted: LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, LibWizard, & LibApps

Regions: All

As soon as we can get the affected sending IPs off the list we'll update this post.

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