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2024-04-05 11:30 AM - US Region - Issues with Logging into LibApps Dashboard - RESOLVED

Springy_Will Member, Administrator, Moderator, Springy, SpringyCamp Counselor admin

2024-04-05 11:30 AM - US Region: We've noticed a problem with some users encountering difficulties accessing the LibApps dashboard and potentially other Springy products.

Please attempt to resolve this by clearing your browser's cookies and attempting to log in again.

Our developers are investigating the issue, so there may be occasional difficulties accessing the LibApps dashboard.

Rest assured, the public-facing aspects of your sites should remain unaffected. This issue only impacts users with accounts trying to log in to the LibApps dashboard and potentially trying to navigate to the other products from the dashboard.

2024-04-05 12:30 PM - US Region:

It seems like the issues involving the login troubles with the LibApps dashboard have mostly been cleared up. If you still encounter any troubles with logging into the LibApps dashboard or any Springy apps, clear out your browser cache, and try to login again.

Thank you for your patience!

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